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Bordallo Pinheiro Hand Painted Earthenware Small Cabbage Leaf Bowl
  • Bordallo Pinheiro Hand Painted Earthenware Small Cabbage Leaf Bowl

    £20.00 Regular Price
    £16.00Sale Price

    This iconic Bordallo Pinheiro bowl features an instantly recognisable cabbage design - cabbage, in its rough and flat form, could be used as a metaphor for Portugal’s rustic ways, which Bordallo had so many times caricatured. a stunning piece that will grace any dinner table.


    Also available in Medium and Large.


    The cabbage tableware trend is seeing something of a revival. In the 1960s a full cabbage tableware set was the mark of a high-society household. Many pieces were highly collectible including Bordallo Pinheiro’s iconic cabbage range. Now these hand-painted earthenware plates, bowls and dishes are back and taking the world by storm.


    A usefully sized piece of serveware that will grace any dinner table.


    A great gift idea for the new home owner, matching pieces are available separately to create a coordinating set.


    Diameter 12cm x Height 4.5cm. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


    A collector's piece! Each piece is hand made in Portugal using ancestral techniques developed by the company's founder Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. 


    The Portuguese ceramics studio, Bordallo Pinheiro, was set up in 1884. Brothers Raphael and Feliciano Bordallo Pinheiro started the venture, and many of the pieces today are still made to Raphael’s designs. In only twenty-one years, Bordallo Pinheiro’s bold, artistic ceramics gained international recognition. Raphael took inspiration from the flora and fauna around his home town of Caldas, as well as drawing on ideas from the Renaissance and from the Art Nouveau & Naturalism movements.

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