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NG25 HOME Chapter House Room Spray
  • NG25 HOME Chapter House Room Spray


    Our room sprays have been developed to give your interior an instant burst of fragrance and are formulated so that they can be sprayed directly onto the skin for use as a cologne or body spray. 120ml. Packaged in an elegant, matt black slim glass bottle with a pump spray.


    CHAPTER HOUSE - The fluid carvings of plants, animals and green men found within the Chapter House are known collectively as 'The Leaves of Southwell'. Built near historic well springs, this sacred site pays homage to the green man and the archaic lore of the forest. The scent of green oak, ancient woods and the secrets of heaven and earth fill the air in this beautiful and hallowed meeting place.


    Fragrance notes: 


    Tobacco, Incense, rock Rose, Cedar wood, Amber, Leather, Vetiver, Moss, Vanilla.




    NG25 HOME is a brand new home fragrance collection developed by Carnill and Company celebrating the diverse and rich history of the historic minster town in which they are based.


    Nestling in the lush countryside of rural Nottinghamshire is a treasured place, unique in many ways. A magnificent minster stands proudly at its centre – its ancient stones steeped with centuries of history dating back nearly 1000 years. The place - Southwell, England, NG25.


    Scents evoke memories in ways other senses cannot. A fragrance has the ability to take you on an emotional journey, inviting the mind to embark on an adventure to another dimension and time.


    Sometimes new, sometimes remembered - where peace, hope and tranquility preside.


    Our fragrances have been developed to unlock a door into another world that is long gone but familiar, ancient but timeless, vanished yet present still in a place that we love.

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