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Enhance Your Interiors with Irresistible Metal Accessories

Inventive, adaptable, engaging and appealing, and with stunning good looks, it’s no wonder that many people are falling in love with metal to enhance their homes in so many ways. Despite the range of synthetic materials on the market, it’s the traditional basics (such as wood, glass and metal) that are part of the interior design trends we can’t get enough of. The use of intriguing alloys, niche welding or moulding techniques, and spectacular finishes results in items you just won’t find on the high street. So why not relax and take a few moments to find out more about the tempting, tantalising pieces we have sourced for your enjoyment?

Wonderful contemporary lead

Benefiting from a colour that complements every piece of décor and a soft sheen that is always appealing, lead figurines (particularly animals) are superb ornaments to add to an alcove, mantelpiece or table. With exquisite detail and plenty of different styles, lead pieces are increasingly popular additions to any living space. Why not transform a dingy stairwell or ceiling feature with an entrancing lead finial?

Gorgeous nickel

When considering nickel, it difficult to ascertain whether it is coloured silver or gold. The metal’s true hue lies somewhere between the two, giving a pleasing tint that looks particularly well in artificial light. Many metal connoisseurs choose nickel to add warmth to lamps or candlesticks. Enjoy the lustrous gleam that the polished metal brings to your room, which can be further enhanced through rich, period decoration and furnishings.

Ruggedly handsome iron

A metal that has been an adornment to homes since ancient times, the versatility of iron and its strong visual impact ensures any item wrought from this classic metal is going to look sensational. Iron works beautifully with glass, so look out for iron framed mirrors or lanterns where the two have been paired. Ideal for garden ornaments as well as unique home accessories, iron fuses form and function wonderfully well.

Aluminium furniture rocks!

Quirky, fun and absolutely irresistible, forget everything you ever believed about aluminium and prepare to be completely captivated by aluminium tables with a contemporary twist. Light, strong and an excellent reflector of light, today’s aluminium furniture is wonderfully multi-functional and is suitable for any room in the house.

Easy to care for, long-lasting and very easy on the eye, metal home accessories have a unique look that is always charming. If you want to give your home some understated yet defined touches, why not start discovering the many possibilities metal accessories from Carnill and Company have to offer? Use our website to browse our extensive stock or come down to our shop in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

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