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Make your home stand out from the crowd with unique home accessories

If you’re just starting out in your first home, budget home furnishings from major chain stores make complete sense: after all, you’re just starting out, may not have much of a budget and want to make an immediate impact.However, over time things may change: we may decide to refresh the look and feel of our home, or our tastes may simply change. If you’re anything like us, you might start thinking about choosing more unique home accessories that truly put your own stamp on your home and make it stand out from the crowd.Many people find that in choosing home furnishings that are a little different, they can add a touch of their personality to their home and make it feel more like their own. Creating a space that is designed with you in mind is important, as it’ll mean that you’ll find it much easier to kick back and relax in a space that’s completely tailored to you.

What do we mean by adding a touch of your personality? Well, this could be anything from choosing colours and materials that you love to opting for home accessories that actually mean something to you or mirror your interests. It may be that you love a particular animal and choose this creature as a recurring theme, or you may be a travel fanatic who chooses to add little touches that reflect your passion or remind you of the places you’ve visited. Nature lovers may choose home accessories with leaf or pine cone detailing, while fans of the beach may want to consider things like driftwood accessories to bring a touch of the beach to their homes.

Here at Carnill and Company, our mission is to source an ever changing mix of the vintage and the contemporary, the upcycled and the brand new, in order to provide you with stand out unique home furnishings that you’re sure to love. Not only do we offer a wide range of different themes that will appeal to people of all types – foodies, nature lovers, vintage fans and more – but we’ve also been careful to select a variety of different styles that will suit a variety of different homes. From rustic properties to contemporary new builds, from large and sprawling spaces to smaller homes that can be made to look larger with the use of mirrored home furnishings, we’ve got it all covered. Take a look at our ranges today and find out how you can truly make your home your own – without it costing the earth.

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