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What do we mean when we talk about Belgian and Scandinavian style?

Two major trends in home design at the moment are Belgian and Scandinavian styles. It’s a look that Richard Carnill is heavily influenced by. Our clients looking for interior design in their Nottingham homes often request these styles. But what do we mean when we talk about Belgian and Scandinavian style?

Belgian interiors glory in their luxurious simplicity. Without any fuss or clutter, a Belgian style will make your room feel rich using natural materials such as warm wood and natural coloured linen. Soft furnishings feel lived-in and comfortable but still fairly opulent, using tailoring in a casual style. You’ll see elements such as stone flagstones, natural materials, lots of natural light and big sofas.

Overall you get the impression of a splendid old baronial farmhouse, one that’s grand but comfy and lived-in. You won’t see a lot of bright colours or prints as this look is pretty neutral. If you have any treasures – grand old paintings or antique furniture – they’ll slip in fairly easily to the overall theme.

We can easily talk about Scandinavian style in the same breath as Belgian interiors as they share the same characteristics of unfussiness and understated elegance. ‘Scandi style’ is all about functionality and simplicity; it’s a very practical approach to interiors that works well in a family home.

Although there are plenty of natural light and clean lines used, it’s generally a warm and inviting look. Like Belgian style there’s an emphasis on fairly muted tones, creating a fresh look. You won’t see a lot of fuss; it’s a fairly minimal look without feeling severe, but any furniture tends to be well-designed and crafted. Key elements of this style include wooden floors (usually light-coloured), white walls, light use of greys and cool blues, and wood.

What we love about both Belgian and Scandinavian styles are that they make for immensely practical, liveable homes that are immensely practical but still beautiful. It’s a good style for a family with children as it’s unfussy and can easily reflect the way you live – Belgian style offers lovely big sofas!

Both these styles also adapt well for the British home. Whilst your average Scandinavian home might have a fireplace in the corner of each room, we’re getting used to the wood burning stove. Our clients are cherishing the excellence in furniture design that is a key part of Scandi style and big soft furnishings that Belgian style favours are also popular here. We’re also starting to abandon our beloved carpets and embrace the wooden and even stone floors that our European friends are so insistent on.

If you’re searching for interior design ideas in your Nottingham home, we’re happy to consult with you about how we can make Belgian and Scandinavian style work for you.

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