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“As an artist I am influenced by my rural surroundings and the ever changing seasons. Each season has its own scent and colour palette which inspire me with new ideas, In making my soaps, I am to harness the multi-dimensional healing potential of plants: to nourish the skin, invigorate the senses and to engage and delight the eye” Kate Park. Founder, Baressential.

Baressential is an artisan skincare company based in the heart of rural Ireland. Handmade soaps lovingly crafted using the traditional cold process method, each piece cut, bevelled and polished by hand.

100% natural, combining the finest raw ingredients, sourced ethically with respect for the environment, each bar has a complex, evocative scent created from a blend of high quality essential oils.

Exceptionally mild and conditioning it is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. The sumptuous soap recipes have been formulated to create a thick, creamy lather, which hydrates the skin. Each batch retains all of the rich, moisturising glycerine produced naturally during soap making. Raw silk also melts in the saponification process, becoming a deeply nourishing liquid protein.

To create the unique look of each bar, Baressential use active botanicals and minerals that promote glowing skin: nettle, rosemary, orange peel, cocoa powder, turmeric, cayenne, kaolin clay and activated charcoal to name a few.

Aromatherapy grade essential oils are blended to create signature scents designed not only to heal and condition the skin, but to lift and invigorate, or soothe and calm.

Such natural plant based ingredients contain vitamins and minerals and are high in antioxidants. They act as humectants, attracting moisture and locking it in by forming a protective barrier. Each soap is made from a different base recipe. Extra virgin olive oil , coconut oil and (RSPO) certified sustainable palm oil can be combined with shea or cocoa butter, Irish rapeseed oil, rosehip oil, avocado oil, carrot tissue oil and many others. All respectfully sourced from mother nature. No artificial chemicals or preservatives.

​“When I smell a natural fragrance rather than a synthetic perfume, a complex and subtle world of experience is opened up; such authentic scents speak on a far deeper level.

The look of each soap is carefully designed, using layers of colour to illustrate the scent. I sketch out the look I want and set about perfecting the recipes: pink clay or rosehip powder for pink, nettle or chlorophyll for green, paprika and cayenne for oranges, turmeric or beta carotene for yellow and mineral pigments for blue” Kate Park. Founder Baressentials.

Experience the sensory joy of cleansing with Baressential soap. To learn more about the collections we have in store click here.

All enquiries: T: 01636 918501.


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