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Viva Espãna!

Arriving soon from the Rioja region in Spain is a collection of bright mohair throws in solid colours and checks. I first saw the collection at Maison Objet in January and fell in love - not just with the product but with the ethics and history of the company Mantas Ezcaray.

The company is a family business founded in 1930 by Cecilio Valgañón and now his grandchildren run the company working in the same traditional way as him.

The manufacturing process is very artisanal and the looms used for weaving the designs are quite unique and have been used for more than hundred years.

Specialising in Mohair - a luxury natural fibre obtained from Angora goats - the yarn, when woven, produces a blanket that is incredibly warm, light and heat regulating. In the summer it will keep you cool and in the winter repel the winter chills. The yarn also takes dye very well which is why the vibrant colours are so vibrant!

The most difficult decision is going to be which one to choose?

Available soon online and in store...............x


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