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  • create stunning interior schemes – from single rooms to family homes, apartments and workplaces - executing everything with flawless attention to detail 


  • offer personalised consultations to understand their client’s narrative and deliver stunning results on time, within budget and with the signature NG25 HOME style – understated luxury

  • will help you to avoid expensive mistakes and guide you to achieve your perfect home

  • design for every room in the house, starting with the colour and furniture that defines the space, to the curated objects and accessories that layer it with meaning

  • commission bespoke cabinetry, curtains, blinds, upholstery and soft furnishings

  • deliver the quality that their customers expect by collaborating closely with tried and trusted European and UK based suppliers as well as local businesses, artisans and crafts people, all of whom are integral in realising finished schemes


  • Free initial 20 minute telephone or design studio consultation 

  • Hourly rate £75.00 + VAT. Hours worked will be recorded to the nearest 15 minutes so all time is accounted for 

  • Travel costs charged at cost (subject to location)

  • Preferential pricing when goods are purchased through the NG25 HOME lifestyle store

Tel: 01636 918501

Email: info@NG25HOME.COM

design consultations: 9 Queen Street, Southwell, NG25 0AA

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