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NG25 Home Fragrance 

Nestling in the lush countryside of rural Nottinghamshire is a treasured place, unique in many ways. A magnificent Minster stands proudly at its centre – its ancient stones steeped with centuries of history dating back nearly 1000 years. The place - Southwell, England, NG25.



Scents evoke memories in ways other senses cannot. A fragrance has the ability to take you on an emotional journey, inviting the mind to embark on an adventure to another dimension and time. Sometimes new, sometimes remembered - where peace, hope and tranquility preside.


Our fragrances have been developed to unlock a door into another world that is long gone but familiar, ancient but timeless, vanished yet present still, in a place that we love.

Our candles are vegan friendly created with Soy, Coconut and Rapeseed oils.

Our diffusers are alcohol free formulations which will not evaporate ensuring long lasting, fragrant enjoyment.

Our room sprays are skin care quality and can be used directly on the skin doubling up as body sprays.

Discover our fragrances, Burgage, Byron, Palace Garden, Chapter House, Sacrista, Domus and No. 75.

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