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Pols Potten Large Silver Drip Candlestick
  • Pols Potten Large Silver Drip Candlestick


    The Drip Candle Holder by Pascal Smelik for POLSPOTTEN is a marvel in design. Created in plated aluminium.


    Designer Pascal Smelik is fascinated by the concept of deformity. The Drip Candle Holder is inspired by that very fascination.


    The fun and elegant design invites you to light up the room, use it as part of your evening table décor, or as a stand-alone object – try combining multiple Drip Candle Holders in various sizes, the effect is pure magic.


    Also available in small and XX large size and in gold.


    Dust with a soft cloth.


    Dimensions 25cm high x 11cm deep x 18cm wide 


    Pols Potten collaborate with Dutch designers and skilled craftsmen from around the world to create their bold, colourful, artisanal and tongue-in-cheek designs. We all love a little Dutch humour!

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