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DCW Editions Lampe B Table Lamp
  • DCW Editions Lampe B Table Lamp




    Designed by Thierry Dreyfus for DCW editions, the La Lampe B resembles a sculpture in your home. The silhouette is crafted from gypsum, resulting in a smooth and continuous surface; the curves of the shade conceal the light source and also add a touch of elegance to your environment. Dreyfus's desire was to create a lamp that gently illuminates without losing its function. He therefore opted for a shape that gives the illusion of candlelight. He once again broadcasts his talent for bringing light to life, utilising simplicity, Lampe B is cast in mineral material.

    The LED plate is fitted to the inside of this table lamp, reflecting around the interior and emitting a soft, warm illumination. The DCW editions Lampe B projects the illusion of candle light and creates an intimate atmosphere - perfect for areas in your home where relaxation is key. A gorgeous addition to a living area, hallway or even next to your bed. The warm glow creates a beautiful ambience, lulling you into a calm state.


    Dimensions 390 x 240 x 226 mm.


    DCW Editions is a producer of objects : objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common : They are well conceived, well designed and well made.

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