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DCW Editions Poudrier Wall Light
  • DCW Editions Poudrier Wall Light




    Like a powder case or a precious box, the mechanical action of opening or closing makes the object reassuring and immediately understandable. The light is diffused by a thick glass pane. Inside, the polished brass flap acts as a pivoting mirror thanks to a visible hinge.

    The light can be switched on and dimmed. The light is manually adjustable, not with a dimmer but with a shutter that is opened or closed according to the desired light intensity.

    Originally designed for the bathroom, POUDRIER can also be used in a hallway or entrance.


    Dimensions: 173 x 195 x 55 mm

    Materials: Glass, steel


    DCW Editions is a producer of objects : objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have three things in common : They are well conceived, well designed and well made.

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