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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

We have had a great March weather wise and now spring really does seem to be on its way with lighter mornings and evenings; the sun is shining – at least it is as I write this – and it reminds me that light is one of the things that we most crave in our lives and our homes.

Using mirrors to create a sense of space is a great trick in interior design and the use of them in decorating is making a big comeback. Mirrors help to give a sense of space by reflecting light, thus brightening a room and, in addition, the reflection of the room also fools the eye into feeling there is a greater amount of space than there actually is. Dark rooms often feel small and can benefit from the positioning of a mirror or series of mirrors and the resulting bouncing of light opens up the space.

Despite the title of the months column, mirrors should not be resigned solely to the wall. Mirrored trays placed on coffee tables throw light upwards just as mirrored ornaments will also play with the light. Mix clear glass and mirrors to create great sparkling effects and an aura of glamour. Prop a mirror on a bedside table behind the lamp and create a romantic glow – the reflected light will be enhanced, reducing the need for full wattage in the bedroom!

A love of mirrors does not necessarily mean that one has a narcissus complex! I started collecting mirrors a while ago and now have an eclectic collection. Wherever I position them in a room they add depth and interest and the hint of something beyond, and in many ways, are more interesting than a painting as the images they reflect are ever changing.

Mirrors have been used for centuries as decorative statements with the added bonus that they maximise the light that was available. Louis XIV enhanced his home, the Palace of Versailles, with the creation of the Hall of Mirrors. On a smaller scale we can all do the same to enhance our own!

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