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Decluttering Interiors

We all suffer to a greater or lesser degree with post “Holiday Seasonal Blues”; due to the dark, grey days and lack of sunshine and we long for Spring. In order to take your mind off the fact that it is indeed February for the next 28 days why not set yourself a project? How about a new look for that room of yours in need of some TLC?

In last month’s issue we talked about the benefits of “de-clutterisation” (a wonderful neologism) which is something that must be tackled before proceeding any further. Being able to see the wood for the trees will enable clear and creative thinking.

OK – so having de-cluttered:-

Decide on the colour scheme. The key to successful redecoration is the right colour choice. Tester pots are available from all the major paint companies; maybe buy a couple from your shortlisted selection and paint them onto two or three large pieces of lining paper. Place them strategically around the room and review at different times of the day and in different light conditions. Then make your choice. I am an advocate of neutral colours – trends come and go and it is more cost effective to introduce colour with accessories, or at a stretch on a feature wall, requiring only minimal upheaval when the time comes to ring the changes.

Decide what you want to keep. It is unlikely that anyone will actually assign everything to the skip post de-clutter, so decisions have to be made as to what to keep. Depending on budget constraints it is possible to transform a tired sofa at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Re-upholstery and/or the strategic placement of throws is a cost effective option. Likewise, furniture can be given a new lease of life by stripping it back to the wood and re-waxing, or by giving it a coat of chalk paint. Carpets can be rejuvenated by the use of area rugs.

Decide on your theme. Having chosen your colour scheme create a mood board. This should consist of your selected colour(s), images from magazines and the internet that have proved inspirational along with samples of fabrics and materials that are under consideration. Whether the theme is coastal, contemporary, traditional, industrial, cottage or a mixture of one of more of these you will always have a visual reference to refer back to and keep yourself focussed.

Should you need help we are always here for advice and also happy to visit your home by appointment. For your information our new collection will start arriving in store and online from the beginning of February.

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