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Industrial Chic

The trend for vintage continues and with it a style has developed which is known as Industrial Chic. People often think of industrial as being more of a masculine look but this need not be the case. It is universal, incorporating metal, wood, stone and concrete and these hard materials are softened by the subtle use of colour, luxurious fabrics and warm lighting. Industrial Chic works well in both traditional and contemporary settings. This style is extremely adaptable so do not think that you require a vast open plan loft space. It works equally well in small apartments, houses and cottages. The ethos of function and practicality assists in creating spaces that are unfussy, with simplicity being core to the success of a room.

For example, a table made from planks and hand forged trestle legs immediately give authentic and industrial focus to a room. Teaming this together with vintage metal school chairs will create a look that is stylish, timeless, practical and hard wearing. A few years ago, purists took this look too far and it was not a style that, quite literally, was comfortable for all! It is important to introduce some contrast – perhaps and old French style upholstered armchair in a contemporary Toile de joie.

Distressed painted furniture is another way of softening the industrial look. The two styles of shabby chic and industrial work well together by complimenting the vintage feel of both.

Ships lanterns, bulk head lighting or 1930’s factory light fittings are perfect options when considering lighting. Often in polished steel, pewter, painted enamel or glass and copper, one can easily find something to fit the space both in proportion and age. Iconic lighting such as the original Angelpoise desk lamps is a great way of adding an industrial feel and there are now many updated versions that are even more practical and functional.

Using items in a way that is not their original purpose is the key to the industrial look. A US mailbox as a bread bin, vintage crates and boxes for coffee tables and storage, old medical trolleys as bookcases or shelving units … the choices are endless. It is the incongruous use and juxtaposition of items that make this look so appealing for both professional and amateur designers alike and it is almost impossible to get wrong!

We have a cross section of great industrial chic pieces in our new collection. Come and take a look.

We look forward to seeing you.

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