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Each day we see the sun rising higher in the sky as winter turns to spring. Let there be light!

No interior or outdoor space is complete without correct lighting. It is in fact one of the key elements to nail in any room. Light plays a huge part in the overall character, mood and finish of any space and in addition enhances the presentation of its contents. Overlook the importance of lighting at your peril!

Most often the biggest mistake is made by thinking all one needs is some ceiling lights. We don't just decorate our ceilings, do we? Think of the whole room!

Layering lighting is key. By layering lighting one is able to create a warm, welcoming room where all the design features come alive. In order to achieve this, you need to embrace a whole range of lighting sources; pendant and recessed lights, chandeliers, floor and table lamps etc. The choice is yours. Just make sure that they do not all operate from the same switch and incorporate an essential dimmer switch on all overhead light sources. This simple device changes the look and feeling of a space instantly and adds flexibility to your lighting scheme.

We are proud stockists of the DCW Editions Paris lighting collection – a fabulous range of lighting solutions for every room of the house and an innovative and very different take on exterior illumination. Lighting is one of the best places to make a statement. Start as you mean to go on………………Let there be light……………

To see more of the available collection please click here. Do come and visit us at 17 Queen Street Southwell, or contact us for any enquiries!

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