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Let’s talk colour!

This is another key thing to consider when decorating a home. From paint to fabrics and wallpapers, colour can have a huge effect on how your home looks and feels.

Ever walked into a room and thought it looked bland and felt a little unfinished? Playing it too safe is usually the culprit. Stepping out of your comfort zone usually really pays off.

Always consider how colour will affect the energy and mood of the room. Different temperatures, tones and shades will also affect how one feels in the interior.

Warm colours tend to be more vibrant and tend to inspire confidence. These tones typically work well in dining and entertaining spaces as they are inviting and promote intimacy. Cooler colours on the other hand are often used to create a relaxed mood and bring calm to a space. Natural tones help achieve a relaxed, peaceful environment. Colour can also be used to help enhance the feeling of space or make the room feel smaller.

A monochromatic interior is relatively easy to achieve and can be visually effective especially if you use a selection of different tones and tints of the main colour throughout the space. The incorporation of prints, patterns and textures of the tones in furniture, wallpapers and fabrics adds depth and interest.

When selecting colours, always remember that there is a balance between choosing tones you love and what’s going to look good on a larger scale. For example, if your favourite colour is bright teal green or cobalt blue which may look great in a cushion, occasional chair or smaller decorative item, is it going to look overpowering when applied to an expansive surface?

Be inspired! Explore magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, design blogs etc., or ask for advice.

Try not to be influenced by what appears to be the trend of the moment. Remember, you’re going to have to live with your colour choice for

some time. The wrong choice can prove expensive!

Most importantly – enjoy!

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