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ENJOY BEING HOME...............


As we all grapple with the current global crisis it would be natural to feel stressed and down, especially with the current self-isolation situation. Don’t let your home become a prison! Use this time to make your home an even more special place to be. A few small changes can make a huge difference and really lighten the mood.

Get creative and resourceful! Significant changes can be made to your home’s decor without you needing to spend a penny.

Take a long look at the way you use the space in your home. This is the perfect opportunity to do so. It is so easy just to “fill space”. We all do it. This is the time to reassess what you have, what you love and what you can live without. If you apply some thought to the placement of your precious possessions you can lose the cluttered feel that your home might currently have. Take a look at your shelving unit, console table, sideboard and ask yourself what needs to change and what needs to go?

Spring clean! I have just deep cleaned and decluttered my kitchen – it has not cost me anything yet it is transformed and looks a million dollars! It is amazing what you can achieve when armed with a bottle of Cif and a wet duster! Bring new life to your paintwork and with a little elbow grease and perform a mini facelift. Crank up your Dyson and venture into the corners and behind the sofa! It is amazing the difference it makes not just visually but also psychologically – and it is amazing what one can find!

Make a list! It may not be possible to make all the changes you want under the current restrictions, so commit your future plans to paper. Make a wish list and when it is possible to get out and about start ticking those wishes off your list. If you are reading a magazine and see something that takes your fancy, tear it out and keep it as an aide memoir!


We will get through this crisis and when we do let us hope we are all stronger and kinder. Let’s use this time as productively as possible – keep busy and keep safe.

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