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Green is the colour of the season!

With the strongest and most immediate association to nature, tones of green are one of the most prevalent trends for interior design in 2022.

The colour green creates a connection to nature, bringing the outdoors in. We all know life in the open air fills us with a sense of wellbeing and used correctly shades of green can help reproduce some of the health and mood-boosting qualities of spending time in nature.

Green sits in the middle of the colour spectrum and is an entirely neutral colour and therefore offers visual comfort, even at its most intense. Combine with natural tones, woven and raffia fittings, wood and stone and accessorise with displays of verdant, air-filtering houseplants to create a calm living space that gives something back.

If you need inspiration of how to use green or how to combine it into your home, please feel free to visit us and to explore what is available in paints, wall coverings and fabrics as well as complimentary furniture and accessories.


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