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Vivid colours combined with earth tones form the background of the African theme that has influenced interior design for the last couple of seasons. Textures, prints and weaves inspired by wild animals and tribal markings add further depth and authenticity, celebrating the rich history of the African continent. Masks, totems, carved dishes, pots, bowls and figures can be included to emphasise a sense of the mystic.

The recipe for this decorating style is simple – introduce the warmth of the sun, sand and earth, also a wealth of flora and fauna. An African inspired interior can be achieved with minimal cost to the wallet. All that you need is a couple of rolls of wallpaper and some paint. How far you go is up to you! Layer on textured throws and cushions for additional impact and consider natural ceramic, wood or rattan accessories.

Many of the leading interior brands are including furniture, art and objets redolent of African culture and tradition with a natural craftsman like appeal – many with authentic surface detailing and finishes.

Bring the sunshine in and warm up your life!


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