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There is nothing more gratifying than receiving a testimonial from a satisfied customer.

We have recently started work on a new project in Southwell - assisting with the renovation of one of the great Georgian houses of which the town can boast.

The scale of the renovation by the current owners will restore the house to its former glory and it is a pleasure to be involved. A quick fix before the work starts in earnest next year was to make the sitting room cosier before the onset of winter.

Using Casamance fabric and a bespoke pole and finials from The Bradley Collection we seem to have succeeded in adding a touch of elegance and glamour to a room that is in temporarily in a state of limbo before its full transformation next year.

Our customer is certainly happy as this testimonial shows.

"I’ve never bought expensive curtains or curtain rails before, so it was a bit of a shock to the system to realise how much they cost. To be fair, I’ve never previously lived in a house that justified investing in curtains that were anything better than ‘standard’.

However, when the rails arrived and I started to put them up, I was immediately struck by the build quality of the curtain rails and brackets – they are simply exquisite. The craftsmanship is amongst the best I have ever seen, so I can totally see where the money goes.

When visiting my parents’ house recently, I noticed that they had rails from the same manufacturer in their home, as I can now recognise the build quality and design features. When I asked about them, my Dad told me that they bought theirs 30 years ago, which goes to show that quality lasts, as they still look brand new and stylish.

The reality is that curtains bring a room to life and if you’re going to invest in superb handmade curtains, they will need to sit on rails that not only deserve them from an aesthetic perspective, but will also be robust enough for everyday use for decades to come.

I’m now a convert and can totally appreciate why the extra expenditure is justified and necessary. I’ll never regret buying them." AS. NG25.

As we always say at NG25 Home - "if you buy quality it only hurts once!"

Watch this space for more updates on this exciting project.


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