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The world of interior design has embraced Africa in a big way. Some of the world’s most influential interior designers are using traditional African textiles and patterns in homes for design inspiration both in textiles and objets. Of course, Africa has inspired fashion designers for decades from the iconic YSL landmark collection of 1967 onward.

Today, Africa is inspiring home decor just as it has fashion, with interior designers as well as retailers, creating product lines inspired by the rich, vibrant, traditional and diverse cultures of the African continent.

The natural colour palette and patterns with a significant use of black and brown make these African textiles blend beautifully with neutral monochromatic tones as well as muted brights.

Africa is a source of inspiration that elevates a modern room while infusing it with history and culture. We think this trend will continue to grow and stay in vogue for some time.

How will you include it in your home?


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